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When you read something about a new exciting free software program, it is usually easy to try it yourself. Ideally it is already packaged and available in the repository for the operating system you use, and the installation can be as easy as selecting it in the package manager, or entering something like "sudo apt-get install the_terrific_program", if you prefer command line interface. For the very newest software you'll have to grab the code from CVS or SVN and do more work using "./configure" - "make" - "sudo make install", and often work on missing dependencies.

Unfortunately it is more difficult with the hardware -- it is not yet possible to download an Elphel camera ISO and burn it at home. Of course you can read about the cameras, and watch some of the videos or images that others made with them. We provide access to some sandbox cameras, but still it is better to see the hardware yourself and be able to try it.

Elphel cameras are used all over the world, and it may happen that some of them are not far from you in our physical world. In many cases their users may be able to help you and show this hardware. This is the main purpose of the map you see - to connect users of Elphel cameras, allow them to help each other, and bring us new customers. Many of the cameras are not tied to particular geographical locations. For some - that movement is a part of the normal usage. Other cameras are moved from the place where we shipped them. But that shipping address is good starting point for locating the cameras, and this is the basis of most of the camera locations you see on this map. For customer privacy the program generates a random offset, so the map shows the city but not the street address. If you'd like to join an online casino VIP program - https://slots-online-canada.ca/online-casinos/vip/, read our article and browse through the best loyalty programs available at online casinos brands!

We would like to encourage camera users to provide some means to communicate with them directly (i.e. a link to their company web site). It is also possible to remove the random offset for your camera and show location exactly. These cameras, and those having additional information, have green shaded icons on the map. For the other black camera icons - you may just email us at support@elphel.com, and we'll try to contact the cameras users with your request.

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